Clean Your Mac for Best Performance

Today the market of Mac cleaning software is full of applications that are designed to keep your Mac clean and working at peak performance. All presented apps generally include the same functionality and features, probably you will be able to find some free analogs with several cleaning services. So, what is MacKeeper? Let’s make a review.

Kromtech’s MacKeeper 3.x came as an application with 24/7 customer support, which is undoubtedly the main benefit for users. If you make a small review, you’ll realize that only few Mac apps offer professional and qualified live support.

As for the MacKeeper’s interface review, it deserves special attention. Each piece of the software, from the logo to the user interface, creates a sense of friendliness. The interface has a simple design  without bright colors and helps to focus on functionality of the app.

MacKeeper is designed as a service with 3 sets of tools: Cleaning, Security, and Data Control. Cleaning includes 5 tools: Smart Uninstaller, Fast Cleanup, Shredder, Duplicates Finder, and DiskUsage. You can manage the scale of cleaning by choosing the desired tool.
If you are a designer, a developer, or an average user, you may know what “mess” means. One day you download two identical mp3 tracks or accidentally duplicate some files, and all this stuff can be stored on the hard drive for years. That’s why Duplicates Finder is needed. You can easily look for duplicate files not only by filename but also by content. It means that even if one word in the document is missing, the feature will not detect it.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder

Another useful feature is Shredder. This feature can be attributed both to Security and Cleaning. It provides you with a safe and easy way to delete your files properly and completely. The files are exposed to deep cleaning from all system folders and applications. Besides, the removed files cannot be recovered with the Files Recovery tool or Time Machine. So, if you have files that are classified as “TOP SECRET”, it’s time to use Shredder.

As for Smart Uninstaller, I think this feature is the most helpful and easy to use. You cannot miss the fact that even after you remove an app to the Trash from Applications, there are some leftovers in the system that you have to delete manually afterward, of course if you find them. Basically, leftovers could easily harm your system and make your Mac run slow. Smart Uninstaller reminds you to clean the leftovers and even shows a location where they are stored.
Not less important is cleaning of your system from old and large files and junk. How many junk files are stored on your Mac? Let Fast Cleanup scan your Mac’s system and you will be surprised. Here you can clean leftovers, binaries, unneeded language packages, and cache files. But please make sure that if you’ve selected the files for cleaning, just click the section that should be cleaned, and check it one more time before you start the cleaning process. At the same time Disk Usage will help you understand how many old and large files are stored on your hard drive. The scanning process will take only a couple of minutes. The size of each file is marked by a different color, which makes the cleaning process smarter and easier.You can also preview the files directly from the application.

Disk Usage

Disk Usage


Having been on the market for over 5 years, MacKeeper proves itself as the number one cleaning and optimization service, as seen by MacKeeper’s customers reviews.

However, this is not the main reason for getting MacKeeper. Besides the deep cleaning, MacKeeper offers no less important security and optimization tools, such as AV scan and Backup services. Finally, MacKeeper has quite a reasonable price and competitive bonuses such as 24/7 customer support.