Secure Your Mac With MacKeeper


Do you really need an AV service such as MacKeeper? Surely, Macs are the most protected systems ever, but there is still a number of threats about which Apple users should worry. AV software protects your Mac against viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses and phishing scams. And probably, the Kromtech MacKeeper service, if to make a review, is the way to avoid these threats by using virus scans, Safe Browsing protection, and 24/7 live technical support.

MacKeeper offers a range of pricing tiers of Mac OS X protection starting from 40$ per licence, which is quite reasonable for this price. The product includes 16 cleaning and optimization features with 2 main security features that deserve special attention. It’s available for Mac OS 10.6 and higher, and requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM and 400 MB hard drive space.

AV Features and Scans

MacKeeper offers real-time AV protection and direct protection. You can manually choose the location for the scanning process, such as entire system or just a portable location and temporary files. At the same time the service offers to schedule any comfortable time for scanning with an option to choose the files for scanning. This is more like traditional, periodic signature-based virus scans. You can also scan the archived files.

All viruses that are detected by MacKeeper are immediately isolated to the Antivirus Quarantine section and followed by reduction. However, there is no guarantee that the infected file will be recovered intact. Besides, the infected file will not be opened or read in this area. Here you can remove it from the system or restore it in case of false detection.

MacKeeper uses Avira’s AV database which allows MacKeeper to use Avira’s Secure Anti-Virus API (SAVAPI), the official interface for Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine.

Internet Security

Internet Security

Safe Browsing

The main part of all threats, phishing scams and shady websites is coming from the Internet. The Safe Browsing feature works as a blocker of scare ads and vulnerabilities while you are surfing the Internet. It scans by using Avira’s base and finds doubtful websites as well as other files that could be detected as a threat. Here you can also manually add or remove hosts to/from the Trust List or Blacklist.

Anti-Theft Protection of Your Mac

Security part of MacKeeper is expanded with an Anti-Theft feature. It helps to recover your lost or stolen Mac. You can find similar functionality in the Find My Mac feature, which is already built into the Mac OS X, such as tracking your Mac’s location, blocking it or erasing it. However, that’s all you can do with Find My Mac, whereas MacKeeper can help you identify the person that is using your computer. MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft feature helps to find stolen Macs by using Google’s Geolocation Service and makes an iSight photo of the thief.

If we talk about Find My Mac, it is quite complicated in setup and use because of the chain of processes that you should perform to make the tracking process work. So, simplicity is one more advantage of MacKeeper. After you set up your account, your Anti-Theft service will be activated. And any time in case of event you will be able to report your Mac as stolen from any other device, even iPhone or iPad. And one more advantage of this service is that you don’t have to use any web apps to track you Mac. You will get all tracking details in your email every 5 minutes together with the snapshots of the thief. This information will be enough to contact the police.



One success story about how the MacKeeper customer brought back his Mac came from Brazil, when a social worker discovered that all of his gadgets were stolen while he was asleep.

24/7 Support

As for me, live support is a necessary part of AV software and software in general. Why? Actually, you can meet difficulties at any step of setting up or using the software. MacKeeper 3.x has been released as a Human Inside service with 24/7 customer support. This has led to some changes in the app interface and the way MacKeeper is presented on the Mac software market.
So now you can contact the Support Professionals from the section of the app on the right via Live Chat. At the same time you can call a toll-free number that you can find under the chat. What’s more, you can contact the support team even if your account is not activated.

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As we see after the review of MacKeeper the main advantage as a security service is that MacKeeper includes 2 security options, AV scan and Anti-Theft, which is quite reasonable for the mentioned price. Besides, if you look at security features individually, there’s much more functionality than an average AV software could offer for the same price. For example, Internet Security offers both Safe Browsing and AV scanning. Besides, Anti-Theft can detect identity theft.

And finally, one more important service is 24/7 live support, which sets the trends in future communication with customers in software industry.