Speed Test For Your Mac

Is Internet connection on your Mac as fast as you think it should be?

If you are curious about the download and upload speed on your Mac, run the MacKeeper™’s speed test.

Before you start the test, please consider the common standards depending on the type of connection that you use:

Technology                              Exceptional         Typical
Fiber TTH                            →    950/950      →   500/500
Cable DOCSIS3 16×4         →    400/100      →    200/35
Cable USA typical              →    50/30           →    20/5
ADSL                                    →    25/5              →    8/1
Satellite                                →    25/5              →    12/2

After you make sure that your download and upload speed is super fast, it’s time to make your Mac more secure. Mac users feel safe because they believe that their Macs are not vulnerable to malware and viruses. Such false feeling of safety can become a real problem because unprotected computers are an easy catch for malware.
To make sure that all your downloads are safe, activate Real-Time Safe Browsing. With this tool MacKeeper™ can protect you from suspicious websites and malicious files. If your kids use your Mac, better control their online presence by adding dangerous sites to the blacklist.
Finally, we recommend running regular antivirus scans. You don’t have to remember it, just enable this feature in the MacKeeper™ Internet Security window and forget about viruses.



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