MacKeeper reviews by real customers. Part 8

MacKeeper reviews by real customers. Part 8

We continue “Tell Your Story” series about customers experience with MacKeeper. In this part Alexander and John express their  experience and give detailed review of using MacKeeper software.

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MacKeeper customer feedback by Alexander:

“I would highly recommend MacKeeper because it has given me so many efficient tools to use in my workflow. It literally is the Swiss Army knife of all applications that will keep a computer running smooth and safe.
My name is Alexander, I am a MacKeeper user and I am a music producer. MacKeeper is an essential tool to keep my machines running very smooth. The Backup utility is great because if I’m working on a production, my programs, although they have their backup features already, it makes me feel more comfortable knowing that there is a dedicated backup function going on behind the scenes in my computer that gives me a little extra layer of protection.
The File Recovery on MacKeeper is really good because there have been times that I’ve lost a file or something happened with my computer where I had to reboot and the program could not find a file within my audio program. But finding it through the File Recovery with MacKeeper helps me get back some data that I may not have been able to get with just the program of my audio editor.
MacKeeper’s Files Finder is great because I’m able to segregate and filter out certain files if I want to find my masters. Or if I want to put my mp3s in a certain place, I’ll be able to find them very quickly and efficiently.
Using Login Items is great with MacKeeper, because when I boot up my computer, I want to have as less processes as possible, and I’m able to control what I want to start up with my computer to allow my audio programs to work really smoothly.
Anti-Theft is great, because let’s say someone steals one of my laptops, well, not only can it do an IP address report to the police but also take a picture of the person that’s in front of my laptop via the webcam, so I would say that the MacKeeper gives me a great peace of mind.
I would recommend MacKeeper because there’s so many tools that would be very beneficial for so many aspects of computer workflow.”

MacKeeper customer feedback by John:

“Hi, I’m John. I used to be a PC user but I got tired of all the viruses I was getting, I’ve lost a lot of data, and I switched to Mac and I use MacKeeper. The thing about MacKeeper is it’s not just one tool – it’s like having a whole tool belt. It does so much for you that I don’t even have to think about, it does it without bothering me. I have had my computer stolen before and I lost everything, but with MacKeeper there’s theft protection and it works really great. What it does is it takes a picture of the person who stole your computer and obviously that helps the cops track them down and get your computer back. Now that I have MacKeeper, I don’t have to worry about losing data or losing my computer.

What I love about MacKeeper is the control it gives me over my own computer. I can’t stand when I first turn it on and I have to wait forever before I can do anything. With MacKeeper I can actually select what I want to start up. I don’t have all my programs trying to go at the same time, and that lets me get the computer up faster and start my work right away.

A lot of times when I’m looking for files I can’t remember the name but I kinda know when I downloaded it… with Files Finder I can actually use the date that I think that I put it in and it can find it for me. It’s an advanced filter that lets me search in a unique and different way.

I’ve never been able to actually sell one of my computers because of too nervous of what somebody can do with it, but with Shredder I have full confidence that there’s nothing left on it, and so if you do want to sell your computer, it’s the perfect tool for you.
My grandmother started playing on the computer and I get phone calls all the time. Had to help her out constantly. I put MacKeeper on her computer, and she doesn’t call anymore. She does everything that I used to do for her. So I like it in the regard that it’s helping me and it’s helping the whole family.

MacKeeper just takes care of your computer for you. It takes a lot of the worry and stress out of owning the computer. So much of my life is actually on the computer that it’s important that I have MacKeeper to keep it clean, to keep it optimized, and to keep it safe. I know that my data is secure, I know that my memories are, of if I lose them, they’re retrievable. I mean I wish my brain worked as well as MacKeeper.”

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