MacKeeper reviews by real customers. Part 1

We starting series of MacKeeper real customers reviews by Shopper Approved™.

Shopper Approved™ collects Product Reviews from customers via an email survey, once they have received their physical products.

In Part 1 you will hear what Diane Emerson, Zach and M Idrees Adhi think about MacKeeper.

MacKeeper video review by Diane Emerson:

“Hi, this is Diane, I’m giving a testimonial for MacKeeper Remote Assistance. I was having some trouble with my MacBook air, and the options were to bring it in to Apple store, which is difficult for me cause I live on an island,…, and they were able to fix my problem. They convinced me it was a software problem, not a hardware problem, they were able to fix it for me, so I very grateful to them, thanks Mackeeper.”

Here is Diane Emerson had to say about in addition to her video testimonial:
“I don’t like having to cancel my monthly subscription in order to upgrade to the 2 year subscription. I lose a month of coverage, and it is extra work.
However, by doing this, I was told that there was a software problem that was causing my computer to crash, and they were able to fix it without me having to bring my computer into an Apple store and leave it there for several days. Yes, I paid extra for this, but it has been worth it. My Macbook Air no longer overheats.”
Diane Emerson also gave the following ratings:
Price: ★★★★☆
Product: ★★★★☆

MacKeeper review by Zach:

“So, yesterday I purchased the MacKeeper services…. and I definitely will recommend that service. My Mac works much more efficiently then it did previously and it didn’t take about a couple of hours , but it take service that come in and clean my stuff well, provides … all the system operates much more efficiently and very professional staff, very corteous… and again, worth the money spent. Thank you.”

Here is what Zach had to say about in additional to his video testimonial:
“Excellent and professional services provided. Service and tech representatives were very knowledgable and courteous. Mac works even more smoother and efficiently. ”
Zach also gave the following ratings:
Price: ★★★★★
Product: ★★★★★
CustomerService: ★★★★★

MacKeeper product review by M Idrees Adhi:

“… the installation process was very smooth, and it was nice to see the activation, and then the use and then the satisfaction that you have when you get the clearance of all the problems that you had on your computer. Thousands of problems were identified by MacKeeper, and I feel quite satisfied to know that all the identified problems have been fixed in a very short period of time, so I look forward to continue excellent service from MacKeeper. Thank you.”

Here is what M Idrees Adhi had to say about in additional to his video testimonial: “excellent, even for a novice, like myself.”
M Idrees Adhi also gave the following ratings:
Price: ★★★★★
Product: ★★★★★

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How to Keep Your Kid Safe Online?

Internet security for your kids is much more than just restriction of online content – it is about practicing safe and responsible online behaviour. MacKeeper security experts give their professional advice of how to configure live parental control to make sure your child is safe online.

If you are parents of children entering their teen years you might feel anxious about knowing where they are online as they are exposed to a boundless outside world. As soon as they get access to the internet a lot of parents are willing to use parental monitoring software to ensure their online safety.

There are few steps how to configure parental control on your Mac OS:

1)  MacKeeper security experts recommend setting up this feature by creating individual restricted account for your child.

To set up this account follow these simple steps:

  • Open System Preferences icon in the dock –> Click on “Parental Controls”
  • Click the Lock icon in the bottom left of the window.
  • Click the Add (‘+’) icon in the bottom left of the window.

2) Now you can configure the needed restrictions either right here or with help of MacKeeper safe browsing tool. Add to your whitelist those websites that are good for your children, and restrict the access to bad sites by adding them to blacklist.

Apart from configuring Parental control it is necessary to help your children understand the rules of safe browsing. Recent studies* on internet activities among youngsters found that although 59% of children are social networking by 10 years old, just 32% of parents feel ‘very confident’ about helping them stay safe online.

Two thirds (67%) turn to their parents when they experience difficulties online.

While 63% of parents check their child’s internet activity at least once a week, more than a fifth (21%) are not confident they could install parental controls, and just under a half (46%) admit not being confident or aware of the school internet policy.

If you are one of those 32% here there are few tips directly from our security experts:

  1. Kids usually cannot remember complex passwords containing numbers and symbols so the best for them is to use long sentences.
  2. Apply standards you adopt offline to the online world and this will increase safety online. Be careful about giving out any personal information including photos, phone numbers, emails – as soon as they are out you cannot control them any more.
  3. Speak about the risks your kids may encounter online without scaring them and make sure they keep up with the latest social media trends. Work with kids rather than control them.

You see that parental control tools can be very useful, but it’s about children understanding simple safety rules. Talk about anything and everything with your kids and of course do not forget to configure security settings on the computer.

*Opinium surveyed 1,006 parents of children aged eight to 16 online and 1,004 children aged eight to 16 between October 17-24, DailyMail


How to Detect Spyware on Your Computer

According to MacKeeper’s security experts and recent research on Mac OS malware industry, the ever-increasing popularity of Mac OS makes it extremely attractive target for cybercriminals to spend their resources on devising malware for this platform.

The big question to ask is how to hedge your Mac against ever-increasing attacks? In our today’s post we will show you the fastest and easiest way to detect spyware on your computer and to make your web browsing safe.

Spyware 1000x550

There is a difference between malware and spyware. Malware, short for malicious software, is any software used to disrupt computer operation, gather sensitive information, or gain access to private computer systems. Spyware suggests software that monitors a user’s computing. It can collect almost any type of data, including personal information like Internet surfing habits, user logins, and bank or credit account information.

  1. Download and open files only from trustworthy sites.
  2. Check Safari security options. Safari contains a feature, enabled by default, which causes all files considered “safe” to be automatically opened once they have finished downloading. Disable any option to “Open safe files after downloading” in your Web browser.
  3. Install and use anti-virus software. Despite being called “anti-virus” this type of software is far more sophisticated today and is developed to recognise different kind of malware apart from viruses. Such programs as MacKeeper can not only protect your Mac against spyware but also from different online and offline threats, offering simple solution for safe browsing, protection from phishing scams, malware and identity theft.
  4. Some applications may collect and disseminate your personal information without your knowledge. If you value your privacy, review the license agreement before installing or using any ad-supported application for information concerning how it protects your privacy. You may want to contact the application’s developer to determine if an ad-supported application employs spyware.
  5. Do not neglect Mac OS X network security features. Use Private Browsing windows, so that Safari couldn’t save your browsing history and ask websites you visit not to track you.

Mac OS indeed has an excellent security reputation. But the fact that the security updates are regularly released for Mac OS makes it quite vulnerable and nudges Mac users to obtain additional antivirus software


7 Easy Steps to Avoid Being Phished

Phishing scams are usually presented in the form of email spam or pop-ups, and are often difficult to detect. After the fraudsters obtain your personal information, they can use it for all types of identity theft, putting at risk your reputation. According to the Anti-Phishing Working Group, phishers are able to convince up to five percent of recipients to respond.

Follow these easy steps to protect yourself from phishers:

  1. Avoid and ignore emails from unrecognized senders as well as requests that call to confirm or personal or financial information over the Internet.
  2. Visit banks’ websites by typing the URL into the address bar. Phishers often use links within emails to direct their victims to a spoofed site, usually to a similar address, as for example, instead If you suspect that an email from your bank or online company is false, do not follow any links that are embedded within it.
  3. When conducting online transactions, look for a sign that the website is secure, such as a lock icon in the browser’s status bar or a “https:” URL, where “s” stands for “secure”. Besides, beware of phone phishing schemes. Do not divulge personal information over the phone unless you initiate the call. Be cautious about emails that ask you to call a phone number to update your account information as well.
  4. Beware of pop-ups and never enter personal information in a pop-up screen; besides, do not click links in pop-ups from unknown brands.
  5. Protect your Mac with antivirus and anti-phishing tools. Just turn on Safe Browsing feature in MacKeeper and keep your software updated with Update Tracker.
  6. Regularly log into your online accounts and check your statements. If you see any suspicious transactions, report them to your bank or credit card provider.
  7. Never email personal or financial information, even if you know the recipient well. You never know who may gain access to your email account, or to the account of the person whom you are emailing.

Remember that phishers and scammers always evaluate and create new ways of stealing your money. Read about “Tech Support” Scammers


Clean Your Mac for Best Performance

Today the market of Mac cleaning software is full of applications that are designed to keep your Mac clean and working at peak performance. All presented apps generally include the same functionality and features, probably you will be able to find some free analogs with several cleaning services. So, what is MacKeeper? Let’s make a review.

Kromtech’s MacKeeper 3.x came as an application with 24/7 customer support, which is undoubtedly the main benefit for users. If you make a small review, you’ll realize that only few Mac apps offer professional and qualified live support.

As for the MacKeeper’s interface review, it deserves special attention. Each piece of the software, from the logo to the user interface, creates a sense of friendliness. The interface has a simple design  without bright colors and helps to focus on functionality of the app.

MacKeeper is designed as a service with 3 sets of tools: Cleaning, Security, and Data Control. Cleaning includes 5 tools: Smart Uninstaller, Fast Cleanup, Shredder, Duplicates Finder, and DiskUsage. You can manage the scale of cleaning by choosing the desired tool.
If you are a designer, a developer, or an average user, you may know what “mess” means. One day you download two identical mp3 tracks or accidentally duplicate some files, and all this stuff can be stored on the hard drive for years. That’s why Duplicates Finder is needed. You can easily look for duplicate files not only by filename but also by content. It means that even if one word in the document is missing, the feature will not detect it.

Duplicates Finder

Duplicates Finder

Another useful feature is Shredder. This feature can be attributed both to Security and Cleaning. It provides you with a safe and easy way to delete your files properly and completely. The files are exposed to deep cleaning from all system folders and applications. Besides, the removed files cannot be recovered with the Files Recovery tool or Time Machine. So, if you have files that are classified as “TOP SECRET”, it’s time to use Shredder.

As for Smart Uninstaller, I think this feature is the most helpful and easy to use. You cannot miss the fact that even after you remove an app to the Trash from Applications, there are some leftovers in the system that you have to delete manually afterward, of course if you find them. Basically, leftovers could easily harm your system and make your Mac run slow. Smart Uninstaller reminds you to clean the leftovers and even shows a location where they are stored.
Not less important is cleaning of your system from old and large files and junk. How many junk files are stored on your Mac? Let Fast Cleanup scan your Mac’s system and you will be surprised. Here you can clean leftovers, binaries, unneeded language packages, and cache files. But please make sure that if you’ve selected the files for cleaning, just click the section that should be cleaned, and check it one more time before you start the cleaning process. At the same time Disk Usage will help you understand how many old and large files are stored on your hard drive. The scanning process will take only a couple of minutes. The size of each file is marked by a different color, which makes the cleaning process smarter and easier.You can also preview the files directly from the application.

Disk Usage

Disk Usage


Having been on the market for over 5 years, MacKeeper proves itself as the number one cleaning and optimization service, as seen by MacKeeper’s customers reviews.

However, this is not the main reason for getting MacKeeper. Besides the deep cleaning, MacKeeper offers no less important security and optimization tools, such as AV scan and Backup services. Finally, MacKeeper has quite a reasonable price and competitive bonuses such as 24/7 customer support.


Secure Your Mac With MacKeeper


Do you really need an AV service such as MacKeeper? Surely, Macs are the most protected systems ever, but there is still a number of threats about which Apple users should worry. AV software protects your Mac against viruses, malware, spyware, Trojan horses and phishing scams. And probably, the Kromtech MacKeeper service, if to make a review, is the way to avoid these threats by using virus scans, Safe Browsing protection, and 24/7 live technical support.

MacKeeper offers a range of pricing tiers of Mac OS X protection starting from 40$ per licence, which is quite reasonable for this price. The product includes 16 cleaning and optimization features with 2 main security features that deserve special attention. It’s available for Mac OS 10.6 and higher, and requires a minimum of 1 GB RAM and 400 MB hard drive space.

AV Features and Scans

MacKeeper offers real-time AV protection and direct protection. You can manually choose the location for the scanning process, such as entire system or just a portable location and temporary files. At the same time the service offers to schedule any comfortable time for scanning with an option to choose the files for scanning. This is more like traditional, periodic signature-based virus scans. You can also scan the archived files.

All viruses that are detected by MacKeeper are immediately isolated to the Antivirus Quarantine section and followed by reduction. However, there is no guarantee that the infected file will be recovered intact. Besides, the infected file will not be opened or read in this area. Here you can remove it from the system or restore it in case of false detection.

MacKeeper uses Avira’s AV database which allows MacKeeper to use Avira’s Secure Anti-Virus API (SAVAPI), the official interface for Avira’s anti-malware scanning engine.

Internet Security

Internet Security

Safe Browsing

The main part of all threats, phishing scams and shady websites is coming from the Internet. The Safe Browsing feature works as a blocker of scare ads and vulnerabilities while you are surfing the Internet. It scans by using Avira’s base and finds doubtful websites as well as other files that could be detected as a threat. Here you can also manually add or remove hosts to/from the Trust List or Blacklist.

Anti-Theft Protection of Your Mac

Security part of MacKeeper is expanded with an Anti-Theft feature. It helps to recover your lost or stolen Mac. You can find similar functionality in the Find My Mac feature, which is already built into the Mac OS X, such as tracking your Mac’s location, blocking it or erasing it. However, that’s all you can do with Find My Mac, whereas MacKeeper can help you identify the person that is using your computer. MacKeeper’s Anti-Theft feature helps to find stolen Macs by using Google’s Geolocation Service and makes an iSight photo of the thief.

If we talk about Find My Mac, it is quite complicated in setup and use because of the chain of processes that you should perform to make the tracking process work. So, simplicity is one more advantage of MacKeeper. After you set up your account, your Anti-Theft service will be activated. And any time in case of event you will be able to report your Mac as stolen from any other device, even iPhone or iPad. And one more advantage of this service is that you don’t have to use any web apps to track you Mac. You will get all tracking details in your email every 5 minutes together with the snapshots of the thief. This information will be enough to contact the police.



One success story about how the MacKeeper customer brought back his Mac came from Brazil, when a social worker discovered that all of his gadgets were stolen while he was asleep.

24/7 Support

As for me, live support is a necessary part of AV software and software in general. Why? Actually, you can meet difficulties at any step of setting up or using the software. MacKeeper 3.x has been released as a Human Inside service with 24/7 customer support. This has led to some changes in the app interface and the way MacKeeper is presented on the Mac software market.
So now you can contact the Support Professionals from the section of the app on the right via Live Chat. At the same time you can call a toll-free number that you can find under the chat. What’s more, you can contact the support team even if your account is not activated.

Screen Shot 2015-07-07 at 17.00.29



As we see after the review of MacKeeper the main advantage as a security service is that MacKeeper includes 2 security options, AV scan and Anti-Theft, which is quite reasonable for the mentioned price. Besides, if you look at security features individually, there’s much more functionality than an average AV software could offer for the same price. For example, Internet Security offers both Safe Browsing and AV scanning. Besides, Anti-Theft can detect identity theft.

And finally, one more important service is 24/7 live support, which sets the trends in future communication with customers in software industry.



Optimization Features for your Mac

Mac maintenance software is often taken as unnecessary by Mac users, because optimization routine can be done manually. But if you want to save your time, you can use a Mac utility program with all optimization tools in one place. Today I will test MacKeeper’s optimization features and see if there is any difference between MacKeeper and built-in functionality of Mac OS.

What is MacKeeper optimization tool?

Update Tracker

First of all, you should pay attention to updating your apps. Assuming that all apps on your computer are  powered by Apple, they will be updated automatically by AppStore service. But there are lots of third-party apps that should be updated manually, otherwise you will be constantly bothered by alerts.

MacKeeper has the Update Tracker feature that marks the outdated applications with red. While was making this review, I had to update four programs, the rest was marked as green or updated software. You can also see how much space the updated software will take from your Mac. Then I had to choose which program to update or to update all of them at once.

Update Tracker

Update Tracker

Login Items
The next tool that I found was Login Items, a specialised feature that helps you choose which specific applications will automatically launch upon login. To remove the automatic launch of my browser, I had to pick it from the list, and then click Remove. Otherwise, to add an item, I had to click Add.

Login Items

Login Items

Default Apps
The last optimization feature is Default App. This tool allows you to define which application will open a specific file type. After scanning the computer, MacKeeper displays a list of filename extensions and compatible applications. Therefore, in the drop-down menu you should choose which application will open this specific file in future by default.

Default App

Default App


It was easy and fast to perform regular updates, set up application launch and default file opening.

Of course when you know what you’re doing, it’s a piece of cake. But if you do not want to perform this optimization routine manually, I recommend using all of the MacKeeper tools that were mentioned above.


Human Inside Feature

The 3rd version of MacKeeper, which was introduced at MacWorld 2014 and CES 2015, is mainly associated with its Human Inside feature. This feature has been heavily advertised and in today’s MacKeeper review I would like to focus on this customer support tool.

What is MacKeeper Human Inside Feature?

The main improvement in the last version was an enhanced customer care service with 24/7 Apple Certified technicians support. According to MacKeeper blog, during the last 5 years their support experts have processed around 1 million customer requests, and almost half of them was held via live chat.

According to Top 10 Reviews Help & Support comparison 2015, all competitors provide customers with an opportunity to email or fill out the contact form, although the 24/7 live chat is still not widely adopted, despite its convenience.

After launching the program and scanning the computer, MacKeeper marked my system status as medium and offered to delete 228 junk files. As my Mac has not been cleaned for several months, 297,6 MB junk files were deleted. All the time I was offered to start a live chat, send an email, or call the support expert via Australian, US and UK toll-free numbers. As I live in the UK, I find it very convenient.

Let’s see what help features MacKeeper offers:
Live Chat. I find the live chat feature very useful because it gives a chance to communicate in real time and solve the problem in the quickest possible way. When the session ends, there is an opportunity to rate its quality and leave a comment.

Live Chat

Live Chat

Email. There’s an opportunity to send the message directly from the program and get an answer within 24 hours. My request was dealt within 10 minutes.

Contact Form

Contact Form

Phone. If you speak English and live in the USA, UK, or Australia, you can use toll-free numbers that are shown on the left side of the window. Thus you can directly contact an Apple Certified expert. But if you are not good at English, I suggest that you use a contact form or email.

Other Help Features:

Apart from the options mentioned above, I found several additional ways how to have my questions answered:

Blog. For those who are not MacKeeper customers yet and have no opportunity to chat with Geek on Demand, MacKeeper team suggests explaining their Mac-related problems in the comments to blog.

Remote Assistance. I did not have a chance to try remote assistance, but according to customer feedback that I found on Shopper Approved, many users praise this option. If a customer allows, MacKeeper expert can start fixing the problems remotely. During this session the customer watches the entire process. Moreover, you can communicate with remote assistance if you speak the languages other than English.

Help Button. The help function is available directly from the program itself and offers detailed instructions related to prices/licenses, MacKeeper installation and removal, activation and billing questions as well as possible Mac-related issues.


MacKeeper is featured internationally in 18 languages in more than 75 countries, including the United States, United Kingdom, France, and Germany, though its customer support is mainly focused on English-speaking countries. If you speak Portuguese and do not know English at all, better start using email or get in touch with remote assistance via phone.

Above all MacKeeper offers its customers all possible ways to get in touch and to resolve any Mac-related issue 24/7.