MacKeeper reviews by real customers. Part 4

MacKeeper video testimonials by real customers. Shopper Approved™. Part 4

This is part 4 of our real customers review series. In this part you will hear what Rod, Louise and Anonymous User think about MacKeeper software and services. Find below links to all the previous MacKeeper reviews series:

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MacKeeper review by Rod Triplett:

Hi, my name is Rod Triplett and I’ve been using MacKeeper for about four years, I’ve got it on everyone of my Macs. It’s absolutely great program, it keeps them running fast, my Macs can get slow, and I notice it, ….. do the clean sweep, and it cleans up the memory, cleans it all up. And it really starts running much faster, big difference. I’ve had the guys at the Mac store telling me: « Oh, you don’t need anything on your computer…» and so on and so forth. You know, Macs are awesome but you still need to keep them clean, there are still things that can affect the memory, malware, viruses can even hit it. Not nearly like a PC, but they still do get in there. I just use it all the time, …….., I’ve got probably 5 or 6 subscriptions, and I won’t run my Mac without it. Thank you very much.

Here is what Rod had to say about MacKeeper in addition to video testimonial:
Rod Triplett also gave the following ratings:
Price: ★★★★★
Product: ★★★★★

MacKeeper customer review by Anonymous user – Shopper Approved™:

…don’t believe what you read, MacKeeper is the real deal, they are not a scam. And they helped me when I was trying to get scammed by another company. So I was impressed with everything they did. They were quick, they were efficient, they even helped set up my printer. Thank you MacKeeper.

Here’s what real user had to say about in addition to their video testimonial:
“It was a little difficult to understand some of the assistants, but otherwise they were quick, efficient, and even worked with me on a lower price when I could not afford the first amount quoted. They even helped me set up my printer when another site tried to tell me I had more problems and charge me 150 dollars to fix what they claimed I had wrong with my computer. Thanks and Thanks MacKeeper:)”
Also gave the following ratings:
Price: ★★★★☆
Product: ★★★★★
CustomerService: ★★★★★

MacKeeper customer review by Louise Gutterman – Shopper Approved™:

I purchased MacKeeper premium software for my 2008 Mac. I received very professional and patient help installing it on my computer. The help is extraordinary good, the rep was very patient, answered all of my questions, …, my computer thanked me.

Here’s what Louise Gutterman had to say about in addition to their video testimonial:
“After calling the number provided the rep walked me through each step of a remote controlled installation.
• the installation was seamless
• the rep was very knowledgeable
• we had good back-and-forth question-and-answer discussions during and after installation; the rep was wonderfully patient with my tech level and tolerant of an extremely s-l-o-o-w responding computer.
• the rep installed and ran a Zoom Diagnostic and made suggestions on how to speed up my Mac and where to get Mac Technician help for certain uncovered problems.
They know what they’re doing and how to keep your computer running the best it can. MacKeeper provides ‘Stellar’ service in my book.”
Louise Gutterman also gave MacKeeper the following ratings:
Price: ★★★★★
Product: ★★★★★

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