What Is VPN Connection and How to Use It for Security?

What Is VPN Connection?

VPN connection is a Virtual Private Network. Actually, before we start the discussion, we may say that the VPN connection is the best way to secure your network both at home and at work. Moreover, in big companies it’s strictly prohibited to use public networks without VPN connection. And, generally speaking, VPN connection is a simple way to feel more secure. By the way, built-in VPN servers with hardware-accelerated encryption are available even in home routers.

VPN connection - the best way to secure your network

VPN connection – the best way to secure your network

And now more details about what’s a VPN connection. Generally, VPN is a connection that is implemented via a shared network with imitation of appearance and other features of a dedicated network. It works as a tunnel, a point-to-point connection, which allows network traffic from different sources and travel via separate tunnels by using the same infrastructure.

If we explain the principle of how VPN works word by word, we will see a more clear picture:


Something that seems to exist visually, but it’s just visually, there’s no physical appearance. The same refers to VPN.


The most important component of a VPN connection, meaning that your connection via VPN will be encrypted and hidden from the Internet users. A simple example: you are connecting from the US, and your location is being tracked as if you were in India.


As simple as possible – connection of two or more nodes for sharing information.

VPN servers with hardware-accelerated encryption

When do we really need VPN connection?

The most common situation when you really need VPN connection is when you are connected to a public network via your working laptop. In this case, as usual, you will be asked to enable VPN connection as a safety measure.

Another situation is when the entire office or building is connected to the Internet via VPN connection in order to combine geographically remote branches in one safe connection.

The most popular case of private usage of connection is usage of social networks, streaming services, and dating services. According to the GlobalWebindex report, only in 2014 VPN connection was used by over 160 million of people just to connect to the social networks.

Why you should setup a VPN at Home


Is it necessary?

There’s no single answer to this question. The question is what are you doing when you are connected to the Internet. If you are using the Internet for financial operations, payments, transferring of sensitive information, etc., then the answer is definitely “yes”. And if you are watching movies and listening to music, then you can use a simple Safe Browsing protection.




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