Security in Social Media

Security in Social Media Is a Nice Thing

How to pass the time? Look through the news feed. Yes, as usual things happen like this. We spend a lot of time in social networks not even realizing where it could lead.

Social networking is very popular

In most cases social networks are really helpful and informative. Your best friend lost the cat, your ex-boyfriend got married, and war in Syria is getting escalated – certainly, this is very important news, but make sure that you are using social networks safely before sharing your own news.

Social networks are the best place to meet you closer

Did you know that almost 70% job recruiters examine social network pages of the employees before making a job offer? There’s no need to come up with an interesting story at an interview, as the HR will get everything they need from you Facebook page. So, remember to keep your own information private and…

Set up privacy in social networks

Almost all social networks use common privacy preferences. The process is limited with check marks in front of needed privacy tools.

Set up privacy in social networks

Know what to post

You may remember the case with Chantelle from Perth who won $900 by betting on 100-to-1 shot Prince of Penzance in the Melbourne Cup. She lost her win after she had posted the details in social networks. Stop sharing your possessions and you will keep them for long. But if you are going to do this, at least know who will see it.


Manage friends list

Try to add only your close friends and people you personally know. Social networks can be used for a variety of purposes, from stalking to theft and even ransom. So it’s better to know each and every person who is subscribing to your profile and who is already in your friends list. You can always check the list and ban the person who accidentally appeared there.

To sum up, let me give you advice – unique password, strong account. As you understand you need to create individual passwords for each account in social networks and change it regularly. Don’t make mistakes as other people, check the list of the weakest passwords in 2015.



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