MacKeeper reviews by real customers. Part 7

MacKeeper reviews by real customers. Part 7.

Here’s a new selection of MacKeeper reviews by real customers powered by initiative “Tell Your Story”. In this part Brian Gurry and Zoe share their user experience and give detailed feedback about MacKeeper.
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MacKeeper customer feedback by Brian Gurry:

“…I’m also a developer, and between the office and field offices I use MacKeeper every single day. One of things with MacKeeper that I think is important to me being in construction is… millions and millions of dollars worth of information on my laptop. Every single week, every single job I go to if I lose my laptop, I would be in a lot of trouble. So with MacKeeper that stress is pretty much gone for me. I’m in a world of theft in construction, whether it’s tools or a laptop or a computer breaking into the trailers. MacKeeper has a security system that if someone takes my laptop, then the laptop would take a picture of the person that has stolen it from me, and I’m that guy who wants to know who did it, because 9 times out of 10… it’s gonna be someone who works for me, and that’s not gonna be a great day. So I love that feature.
Another feature has file recovery which I did not care about until I lost a few files in construction. We’ve got blueprints; we build hotels all over the country. Those blueprints downloaded to me are invaluable, so if I do lose them, I know now, with this system, I can get it back without help from people in my office, which I usually need a lot, I can actually go and get it back myself. I’ve had a couple of times when I wanted to explain to somebody how happy I am with MacKeeper, and I guess I break it down as my construction mentality that you can drive an F-150 or you can drive an F-650 which we have, and the difference is night and day, right? So, in my world, right away you know that I mean that it’s the best of the best.”

MacKeeper customer feedback by Zoe:

“Hi, I’m Zoe, I’m a TV reporter, and MacKeeper is something that has helped me in my day-to-day life… from being able to find files that I worked so hard on every day – to cleaning up storage space that is last thing on my mind. So MacKeeper… just helped me from my day-to-day and I suggest it to anyone.
Something that I’m really bad at is updating apps. It’s just the last thing on my mind, and Update Tracker allows me to go right into a place where all of the apps are, and if I need to update them, I can do them all at the same time, which is just a nice thing to do.
I really like Duplicate Finder. I edit personally and I’m always running out and saving things under really weird names, and it’s able to get rid of those files that I saved 30 different times under different names.
Sometimes I’m in the middle of the story that I’m editing and, you know, I’m accidentally running out of space and I need that space, and Disk Usage is an awesome thing that MacKeeper has that lets me know exactly where the files are that give me a little more space if I get rid of them so that I can continue working.
File Recovery is something that’s amazing to me. I edit all day a lot of the times, hours and hours on and accidentally delete something that I could have used and the File Recovery allows me to get those hours of hard work back.
Smart Uninstaller is something I really appreciate because sometimes when I’m dragging an app into the trash can, I don’t realize those lingering files that are still on my computer and they’re taking up space, so it really gets rid of everything.
Another really awesome feature is the Anti-Theft, and what it does it actually takes a picture of somebody if they steal my computer, and the police will know what they look like, and it also gives me a chance to even get my computer back.
I love using MacKeeper; it helps me feel safer in my day-to-day life, it helps keep my computer clean and makes me feel safe.”

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